I need data for a school project

31.03 2015

The IPR Prague provides its data and reports free-of-charge to students of educational institutions based on a template agreement pursuant to Article 5 of the “Guidelines for the provision of data and data set reports of the City Development Authority Prague” listed in Annex 1 to Prague City Council Resolution 1056 of July 21st, 2009.

What does a student need to do:

  1. Check on the geoportal or by phone that the Prague data you need are administered by the IPR Prague.
  2. Go to "documents for download" and download a template "Agreement to provide geodata for educational purposes (.doc format)" fill it out in two originals, and hand them over to a person representing the school under this Agreement. Before the school signs the agreement, you can e-mail it to the sales department at the IPR Prague at (pincova@urm.praha.eu) who will check it for you.
  3. Hand two originals signed by the school to the sales department of the IPR Prague.
  4. You may e-mail or visit IPR data distribution to further specify locations and data formats, find out whether the IPR Prague has already signed the agreement, and discuss how you want to receive your data.
  5. Once the agreement has been signed by the URM, you may pick the data up against a "Free Data Receipt Protocol".

If your school has signed a "Special group agreement", with the IPR Prague, you may also get your data through IPR´s e-shop .

List of school with a signed "Special group agreement":



A selection of data sets (including some data sets that are not administered by the IPR Prague) is made available through map services. Map services can be attached to a project as background documentation. The server is at http://wgp.urm.cz/ArcGIS/services/. You may use ArcGIS or AutoCAD (requires the installation of ArcGIS for AutoCAD).