Digital Map of Prague

15.12 2010

The Digital Map of Prague (DMP) is a fundamental topographic map that covers the entire territory of Prague. The DMP's data model comprises a digital image of a cadastral map (DOKM) or digital cadastral maps proper (DKM) for areas where they have already been approved and published, and the digital technical map (DTM) offering, on top of topographic details and technical infrastructure data, a comprehensive information layer about technical land use. Additional information about the area as well as metadata may be added to currently available data  reports through the data management and data distribution system.

The Digital Map of Prague (DMP) is composed of two independent parts. The Technical Map (TM) contains a thematic map of the surface, technical infrastructure networks, derived layers of buildings and a map of technical land use. Secondly, the Digital Image of the Cadastral Map (DOKM) contains a cadastral map for those cadastral areas in Prague for which the National Digital Cadastral Map (DKM) has not been issued. In neighborhoods covered by an official DKM, data is directly imported.

Data content

The Digital Map of Prague is composed of line, polygon and point features. _L, _P, _B at the end of the file name determines the type of data (L – line, P – polygon, B - point).

KM - cadastral map

DOKM - cadastral map image

DOKMPCislo_B parcel numbers
DOKMPHranice_L parcel borders

KN - cadastral map (structured according to VFK ISKN)

KNDPMText_B text features
KNCislo_B parcel numbers
KNDefBod_B parcel delineators
KNHranice_L parcel borders
KNZnackaDruhu_B land type symbols

TM - technical map


TMUMPSText_B map of the surface situation - description
TMUMPS_B symbols of surface objects
TMUMPS_L line surface features
ZUZIAdresniBod_B address points

IS - utility networks

TMISPrubeh_L utility network routing
TMISZnak_B utility network symbols
TMISZnak_L utility network objects – real size

Map of Technical Land Use

TMBudova_P building circumference
TMDilBudovy_B points defining parts of buildings
TMDilBudovy_P parts of buildings
TMDilTVU_P parts of technical land use

SC - administrative structure

TMMCDefBod_B city district delineators
TMMCHranice_L city district borders
TMMC_P city district polygons
TMObvod_P district polygons
TMSpravniObvod_P administrative district polygons

Lists of feature type numbers

Cadastral Map

Cadastral Map

List of spatial data feature type numbers in the KN maintained regularly based on data from the ČÚZK (Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre)

Technical Map

Cadastral Map

List of TM feature type numbers specifies the presence of particular characteristics in a given feature.

Technical Land Use Map

List of category value numbers for the classification of technical land use maps.

Distribution sets

The distribution module works with distribution sets. Items within a distribution set are linked to the price list, metadata records and export configurations.

Vector data export is provided as DGN, DXF, SHP and VTX.

Raster data export provided as TIF and JPG.

Most frequent distribution sets:

  • DOKM (Digital image of the cadastral map): topographic image of the cadastral map, i. e. parcel borders and numbers. DOKM is only maintained for areas on which a DKM (Digital Cadastral Map by the ČÚZK) does not apply yet.

    Cadastral Map

  • DMP topography : TMUMPS class (technical map – map of the surface situation) and DOKM, if applicable.

    Cadastral Map

  • DMP topography light: : selected layers of DMP topography.

  • DMP utility networks: TMIS (technical map of utility networks). Sets are available for each utility network or for all utility networks.

    Cadastral Map

  • Dmp complete: DOKM digital image of the cadastral map) and TM (Technical Map).

    Cadastral Map

  • Buildings: a layer of building polygons derived from the Technical Map.

    Cadastral Map

  • MTVU (Technical Land Use Map): a derived surface layer with codes of area use. This set is also available for a raster version of the MTVU.

    Cadastral Map

Files for download

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