Open data in Prague

04. 03. 2020

Since 1 April 2015, Open Data has been provided by the City of Prague.




Open data are also provided through Prague Open Data and National Open Data platforms

Prague Open data                                                       National Open Data


Accessing Open Data and terms of use

Open Data is published in the following formats

  • shapefile
  • geoJSON
  • GML
  • DXF
  • raster formats TIFF and JPG

With the exception of raster data, open data is published in the S-JTSK and WGS-84 coordinate systems.

Terms of use are covered in these dosuments:

Guideline for the Provision of Data and Outputs from the Prague Geographic Information System.

Licensing Conditions


What is Open Data

Open Data is information and data freely available on the Internet in a machine-readable format and not subject to any legislative or technical restrictions. The format and structure of open data allows it to be machine processed, to which the publisher of this data gives legal consent. As a result, data can be freely processed and used for research, analyses and commercial purposes for the creation of web applications, thereby increasing its economic value and range of use.

Open public administration data brings benefits in the following areas:

  • Providing better services for citizens
  • Increasing public awareness
  • Promoting civil society
  • Increasing economic potential
  • Increasing public administration transparency
  • More efficient work by public administration
  • Reducing administration and burdens on public administration IT infrastructure

Many cities around the world provide their data in an open manner and make it available to the general public for further use. Experience has shown that this decision has brought many positive results in the form of new applications or data analyses. The best examples are cities such as London, Berlin, Vienna, San Francisco and Chicago. The first cities in the Czech Republic to provide open geographic data were Děčín and Opava.

Open Data in Prague

Since 2002, IPR Prague has been providing geographic data on Prague in the form of web services free of charge with no restrictions on its use. The use of this data boomed in 2011 in connection with the development of the Prague Geoportal.

Based on current Guidelines for the Provision of Data and Outputs from the Prague Geographic Information System provided by IPR Prague, which have been effective since 1 April 2015, geographic data is also provided in the form of other open data formats and web mapping services.

In September 2014, IPR Prague achieved second place in the OPEN X CLOSED competition for map applications, and in October 2014, was awarded by ARCDATA PRAHA for its contribution to geoinformation.

As it prepared for the provision of Open Data, IPR Prague worked with initiatives that dealt with this issue in the Czech Republic, mainly the Otakar Motejl Fund and OSGeo.CZ.

The first geo hackathon was held in Prague in spring 2014 in cooperation with the Otakar Motejl Fund. It was the first Czech programming marathon with public administration data. Participants were able to get a taste of Prague's data, learn how it was created, but most importantly, created new applications and analyses to improve life in the capital.

In preparation for open data, a case study was conducted describing all the practical aspects of opening data encountered by public administration. The document describes individual data formats, ways of opening them, legislative rules for opening data, positive and negative aspects of the process, and recommendations for solutions in these areas. The study also summarises the most interesting examples of open public administration data, including examples of their use. For further use, the case study is available on the internet under a free licence HERE.


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