Licensing terms for Open Data

06. 03. 2020

Since 1 April 2015, IPR Praha has provided open data for use under the licensing terms specified in Appendix 4 – Rules for Providing Data and Output from the Data Sets Stored in the Prague City Geographic Information System. With respect to open data, this concerns the following terms.


Data and output in the form of browser maps, download services and standardized data sets (open data) may be used under the licensing terms of CC BY-SA 4.0, as follows:

  • The user may copy or further distribute the work in any format using any medium.
  • The user may modify, transform or incorporate the work into the user’s own work for any purpose, including commercial use.
  • The user is responsible for crediting the author, providing a link to the work’s licence and indicating any changes made. The user may do this in any reasonable manner, but never in a way that would suggest the licence’s provider approves or supports the user or the manner in which the work is used.
  • If the user further distributes the work or its derivative, the work must retain its licence.
  • The user receives the data free of charge. Direct resale is therefore prohibited.

In addition to a reference to the CC BY-SA 4.0 licence, work created using the data and output from the Prague City GIS system must also include the words “data base © IPR Prague” or display the IPR Prague logo and the web address.

If the collected data is used as source material to create a printed cartographic work, the user must provide the supplier with an original printed copy.