Prague Price Map Mobile Application

22. 10. 2021

The Price Map of Building Lots Mobile Application is available as a standard map application in mobile stores for the most-popular currently-available mobile platforms (Android and Mac iOS). The application shows the graphical part of Decree No. 32/1998, as amended, which serves to ascertain the administrative price of buildings lots in the territory of Prague. The data displayed are of an informative character and, when ascertaining the administrative prices of building lots, it is necessary to proceed in accordance with the various provisions of the aforementioned decree.

The application has simple, intuitive controls and contains information about the price of a lot, the address and land with the option of connection to the web application “Nahlížení do katastru nemovitostí” (“Land Registry Viewing”), which is operated by the State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre.

The graphical presentation of the price map can be downloaded into a mobile device for use in offline mode (this mode enables work with applications without an internet connection). In the event of the issue of an update of data, it is possible to update the data in the application through the easy-to-use interface.

Last but not least, the application enables the use of basic functions of mobile map applications, such as determination of the user’s current position on a map and the storage of popular locations.

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