Zoning plan Mobile Application

22. 10. 2021

The Prague Urban Plan mobile application lets users display and download drawings from the currently valid and updated Prague Urban plan.

The Prague Urban Plan mobile application is available as a standard map application for Android and Mac iOS and can be downloaded at respective online shops. In developing this mobile application, we aimed to give users access to fundamental Prague Urban Plan drawings on mobile devices.

The content and functionality of the application makes it possible to access the basic maps, functions and tools that were formerly only accessible with the desktop version of the Prague Urban Map mapping application. The outcome for users is simple and intuitive access and use of the content on mobile phones and tablets.

The map application consists of a set of mapping services containing all drawings making up the Urban Plan, including those that are no longer updated. Besides the drawings, the maps also include some of the fundamental layers of the maps, such as levels showing administrative boundaries and delineations of parcels. The application is also linked to the desktop version of the Urban Plan Drawings database, showing the approved but not yet implemented changes in the Urban Plan. The fundamental underlying maps also include orthophotograph maps and basic cartography maps.

Besides displaying all Urban Plan drawings, the application’s functions include basic tools for territorial and site identification, with location services enabled for the mobile device to show the user’s position on the map. The application can store favourite locations as search information and identification results in individual territories. The territorial identification tool allows users to access the basic data about the territory at a specific location, such as the parcel number and cadastral area, functional regulation, potential existence of a public-benefit building (PBB) or development site at a given location, including all changes to the Urban Plan regardless of their status in the approval process.

To access more detailed location information, there is the option to call up specific code for functional or spatial regulations that provides additional explanations in dialogue window. With respect to Urban Plan changes, PBB or development sites, the application will list basic information to all elements discovered at the given location. Any changes found to the Urban Plan will also display detailed information about the nature of the change and any illustrations or plans, if available. Before this detailed information is displayed, users are warned that they may have to download large volumes of data. Search tools allow searching for specific parcels, streets and Urban Plan changes with the option to display locations and additional information with respect to the elements found, similarly to the territorial identification section of the application. Legends are available in the application to provide additional information about the contents of individual parts of the Urban Plan.

The application is built for use in the field where mobile device connectivity to the mobile network or Wi-Fi may vary. For this reason, the contents of the application may be downloaded according to the user’s preference in the extent of drawings into the device’s local memory. This allows the application to function in three modes. A full online version accesses and downloads all the information via the mobile device. If the user elects to download selected Urban Plan drawings directly into the mobile device before use, the partial offline mode only accesses additional data online as it reads the maps from the internal memory. If no signal is available, only the data downloaded into the device can be accessed by users in full offline mode.

Map updates can be downloaded for offline mode via the application’s menu as soon as they are available from regular updates of the Urban Plan based on the latest issued Urban Plan changes. The application alerts users to new updates as they become available.

Odkazy na aplikaci pro:

Android Market: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cgi.ipr.zoningplan
Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/cz/app/%C3%BAzemn%C3%AD-pl%C3%A1n-prahy/id1526432265?mt=8

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Contact: Mgr. Michal Pochmann, pochmann@ipr.praha.eu